Privacy Policy

RANKINGBALL recognizes and respects everyone's privacy. Therefore, we are fully committed to keep all collected personal information safe and confidential.

When you create an account at RankingBall, you need to provide your full name, mobile phone number and bank account information. It will give you the right to access your betting account. Once your created your betting account, RANKINGBALL has the right to use the collected information fairly for the following purposes:

To improve the service, fraud prevention and detection, marketing (e.g., promotions and invitations), service management purposes, statistical analysis, security checks, and etc.
To inform you of any changes to the website or services that may affect your service experience.

RANKINGBALL does not sell or provide user information to third parties. RANKINGBALL does not open user’s information except, for (1) legal action, (2) enforcing or applying an agreement with a user, (3) protecting the RANKINGBALL and the user's legal rights. By using the RANKINGBALL products, you agree to the collection and use of your personal information by RANKINGBALL.

RANKINGBALL will take all the necessary practical steps to protect your privacy, identity, preferences and any other information that has been collected from you and will not deliberately allow access to this information to anyone outside of RANKINGBALL other than as described in the Privacy Policy. All executives and employees of RANKINGBALL comply with the provisions of the Privacy Policy, which stipulates that employees are obligated to keep your information strictly confidential. This obligation will continue to be enforced even if an employee leaves RANKINGBALL. And it is also important that you make your own efforts as well, to protect your information. Because the password you use to access your RANKINGBALL account is confidential, we recommend that you do not leak it to anyone or make it easy for others to guess.

RANKINGBALL takes all technical measures to protect your personal information. For example, access to your account is controlled by your unique password and username, and your personal data is stored on a secure server. Despite all of our efforts, we cannot guarantee that the Internet is 100% safe due to personal information security incidents, such as password outbreaks that may occur while you use the Internet.

RANKINGBALL may send you temporary cookies when you visit our website. If a user agrees, cookies are text-only strings that will be sent to a browser as a cookie file on a computer, smartphone, or other devices. The cookies allow us to distinguish you from other users when you visit our website. The data generated from cookies can be used to gather statistical data about your website usage. You are not obligated to accept our cookies, and you can modify your browser's settings to accept or decline cookies at any time.