About Us


RankingBall is one of the world's leading online gaming brands with a new concept.

In North America, the service is available on Google Play from March 2018 and App Store from December 2018.
RankingBall is a one-stop site that offers sports and E-sports gaming products as a whole and operates under an international online gaming license in Europe.

RankingBall is a real-time prediction fantasy sports/e-sports game developed by analyzing specific features, pros, and cons of fantasy sports in North America, i-gaming in Europe and e-sports services for the past four years. We have developed a new scoring system at RankingBall by using numerous real-time data from live sports/e-sports events according to their frequency and importance. Most of all, we have created an innovative real-time forecasting game with an easy UI by using "Bingo Game", which is already popular around the world.

The RankingBall sportsbook covers all the major football leagues and international E-sports. The RankingBall provides 24-hour updates on real-time match results, instant confirmation of winning teams, fast payouts, easy access and fast online bets.

RankingBall uses the latest technology to provide a fast and secure player experience, and a friendly RankingBall support team is always available to assist customers in all possible ways, including account inquiries, fund deposits and withdrawals, or general game support.

Have fun playing on a reliable RankingBall.