What Is It:  

Unlike other betting platforms, RankingBall puts you control of how the game is played.

Your prop bet predictions compete against other players from around the world in our exciting Bingo style contests.

Can you claim the title as the RankingBall Champion?



Prop Bingo 

Choose who you think is going to win and predict 8 other events that will happen in the real match.

Rearrange your predictions anyway you like on the 3x3 Bingo Board and lock it in.

Not only sports, but feel the surge of victory just like the esport pros in League of Legends, CS:GO, and more coming soon.

How to Play

Get 3 predictions in-a-row correct and achieve a Bingo.

The person who achieves the most Bingos in a single contest is the winner!


Learning to play is easy, but becoming a champion takes skill.